About PDD Studios

PDD Studios Inc.- Since 2007 we have designed new visual identities for structural packaging designs and branded packaging for consumer brands. We constantly strive to deliver not only world-class strategic design, but also world-class project management. Our studios in Toronto, Vancouver and Hong Kong work together through a unique collaborative process, during which strategy and design become clearer, simpler and richer in meaning.

Passionate for Structural Packaging Design

Providing concepts all the way up to final production proofs. Using 3D printed product prototypes, corrugated or paperboard packaging and many other substrates

Product Sourcing

We develop designs, molds, packaging displays, co-packing worldwide depending on your requirements

Creative thinking

Concept design generation is the key to innovative product and packaging design


Our portfolio is unique to other studios and covers packaging structures, branding, product sourcing and manufacturing,
Take a look and see what we could do for you.

Talented in Graphics

With the most talented graphic designers you will ever meet.

Design training

Providing training to companies worldwide on the Artios CAD and IC3D Packaging design software

If it was easy,everyone would do it

Shaun McNaughton

PDD Services

PDD Studios Inc.- in Toronto, Vancouver and Hong Kong work together through a unique collaborative process, during which strategy and design become clearer, simpler and richer in meaning.


Packaging Development and Design- P.D.D. has a thorough knowledge of the process of packaging from start to finish getting your new product to market.

Reasonable Cost

We utilize technology to reduce cost, thus providing you with a low cost option with high results. No " old school" designing done here.

Fast & Friendly support

Last minuet request and available at all hours.

Technical support

Packaging issues on new or current jobs,feel free to contact us.


We are able to manufacture and co-pack wherever you need your job done.


3D printed prototypes,Corrugated samples (any volume) and folding carton samples made for your presentation needs.

Made in China

We make products and packaging in China- full certifications and the highest quality of materials used.

3D renderings

Required for presentation to buyers or clients to speed up the approval process.


We work to meet your needs and you can contact us past the typical 9-5 hours.

Passion leads to design, design leads to performance, performance leads to success!



PROTOTYPING and MOCK-UP Passion leads to design, design leads to performance, performance leads to success!
YES! real printed prototypes. If it's Cartons, Labels, Flexibles and Banners, we are the mock-up go to people.
We make digitally cut and printed packaging samples that you need to make for your presentations or for commercials. From the structural elements to the print finish required on the packaging- Matt, gloss or Spot varnish.
We have to ability to get you your design realized into the market place with short run productions of 1-10,000 units.
Real packaging, not the ones your kids used to make.
Printing on:
  • CMYK + Spot White (UV curable inks)
  • Up to 63” width (roll or rigid material fed)
  • Direct printing on rigid media up to 10mm thick
  • Photo fit printing without separation (1,200 × 1,200 dpi)
  • Order quantities from 1 to 5,000
  • Digital die cutting,gluing and folding

Our Working Process

We deliver services across the entire packaging launch process for your brands, from concept (3D renderings or printed prototypes) and creative design through to artwork, pre-press and legal sign-off.

Listening to clients and seeking out the key terms, words or feelings is the first part in developing packaging fast and what the client wants.


We don't brainstorm, we gather all the information from a client, discuss and research the market and then use our skills to develop award winning packaging. Well, perhaps a little brainstorming then.


 The fun part- After we submit design options to a client, we develop the brand further making numerous changes and small tweaks. Once the client falls in love with the design we then make 3D renderings and full printed prototypes.


 Most agency will not do this, but without it, your packaging can fail in the market place. We test packaging to A.S.T.M., U.L., N.S.T.A. requirements to ensure everything goes well.


We can then get you the costing, by sourcing the packaging from anywhere in the world. Our team in China, Canada and the UK can help. This is what makes us more then just a design agency.


Twinkies Eaten


Clients Worked With


 Rrototypes made


Winning Awards

  • I was most impressed with the packaging that you came up with.

    Pamela Edwards
  • PDD stays on the cutting edge in terms of new packaging technologies and design. They are always looking for new concepts to improve the people they work with.

    Lance Davidson
  • Sent the label to both .... as well as our client. No response from them yet, but our client is THRILLED!!!

    Jessica Praskey
  • You want to increase your productivity and drop down your consumables costs ? Ask Shaun at PDD to make a study - he'll find the right way less

    Uwe Klärner
  • The co-founder Shaun McNaughton at PDD is a well rounded resource for all of your packaging development needs. He is also a more than capable teacher, both for existing design staff and the next generation of designers

    William McDonough


We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

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We are located in beautiful Burlington, Ontario, voted best place in Canada to live.

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