Packaging Development and Design- P.D.D. has a thorough knowledge of the process of packaging from start to finish getting your new product to market.

Reasonable Cost

We utilize technology to reduce cost, thus providing you with a low cost option with high results. No " old school" designing done here.

Fast & Friendly support

Last minuet request and available at all hours.

Technical support

Packaging issues on new or current jobs,feel free to contact us.


We are able to manufacture and co-pack wherever you need your job done.


3D printed prototypes,Corrugated samples (any volume) and folding carton samples made for your presentation needs.

Made in China

We make products and packaging in China- full certifications and the highest quality of materials used.

3D renderings

Required for presentation to buyers or clients to speed up the approval process.


We work to meet your needs and you can contact us past the typical 9-5 hours.